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Phoenix Real Estate

For the start of 2020, our current inventory continues to remain low. This normally would make it a “seller’s market”, but we are not in a true seller’s market due to the fact that I don’t see a lot of multiple offers, and sellers are still willing to look at offers and concessions. If you are looking for a home, you need an agent who keeps on top of the new inventory, and know how to present an offer. I can help you, call me at 602-620-7999 if you are looking to buy or sell a home.

Phoenix Real Estate market October 2016

Is it a good time to buy a home or condo in Phoenix? In my opinion, yes, and not just because I am a real estate agent. I base this on 3 things; 1. Interest rates are still great, and there may be a chance they will increase after the election. Lower interest rates means that you can either buy more home, or pay less for the one you buy. 2. Although we have less than our “normal’ inventory, the inventory is still very good, which means it’s easier to find a home that you love. 3. Sellers are willing to look at, and take offers. Many will pay the buyer’s closing costs. ¬†Want to know more, or need help in buying or selling a home? Let my 20 years experience work for you. Matt Hiatt 602-620-7999.